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Margaret Hocevar
What a wonderful party. Your staff were terrific. They were so friendly and explained whenever it was necessary. Margaret
Amanda Greenawalt
Our event director (Jimmy) is a rock star!His knowledge and enthusiasm left nothing up for debate.
Thank you for a WONDERFUL day! The dealers were very professional and helpful. Everyone is still raving about the Confirmation/Father's Day Party. Lov...
I used three times already. Top of the line company. Call office for my number for my references
Brenda Wandenberg
First, I want to thank corp office for being so professional and your dealers for the good time they made us have.. Love u guys. Feel free to give my ...


Now it's easy as ever for any organization, even a non-profit organization to achieve or exceed your goals with a Casino theme night fundraiser. Casinoparty4you will work with your organization right from the very start to guide you in the most effective way to meet your goals. Whether it's a Poker or Black Jack tournament, or just a straight casino night fundraiser, our experienced fully staffed office is waiting for your call to answer all of your Casino night fundraising questions. Whether it's a church fundraiser, school fundraiser, sports fundraiser or any other type of fundraiser call us. Servicing the New York and New Jersey Tri State areas.


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Your guests will have a great time and will love helping your non-profit organization raise money for your cause while enjoying the Casino theme night entertainment. You may even raise more money than you first thought possible for your non-profit organization! Call us with your questions. is licensed and approved by the NY and NJ Legalized Games of Chance Control Commissions. Call us for Legalized Games of Chance law details.


+14 #2 Donald J dePol 2014-07-10 16:23
We are in the process of determining what type of fundraiser our council needs to raise money for different charities.
Can it be set-up in a large Church Gym and is it legal for Nassau County and due you supply all the tickets, gifts etc please forward a brochure that I can show the council and if possible mentioned what Knights of Columbus council you have accomplished the fundraiser
+13 #1 Monica Villavicencio 2014-02-20 23:30
Can you please explain, how can I generate $ for a fundraiser or for me.. Can I make some $$ from this type of event.
Thank you