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Casinoparty4you will work with you to design a floor plan that compliments your casino theme night event (food and display tables, spacing etc.) We'll also coordinate with you the set up of the casino table equipment and casino décor items. Depending on the number of tables normal delivery is approximately 30-60 minutes before your event begins, When your guests arrive the casino tables are on display and ready for play. Our casino night parties are a 4 HOUR events (not 3 hours).


Each of your guests will receive $1000 in play money (personalized money is available for a nominal fee) Your guests will then take that play money to the Casino Tables and exchange it for authentic Casino money denomination chips, just like in a Casino. Actual gaming play is approximately 3 1/2 Hours. At the end or anytime during the event, your guest will cash in their chips for raffle tickets. We'll then place those raffle ticket in a raffle drum and pull for prizes. Prizes are not furnished Casinoparty4you, but we can offer suggestions.

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